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Analysis And Solution Of Six Common Faults In Dryer

Feb 07, 2018

1) one-time drying of raw materials: the reason is that the dryer is too small, and the dryer installed too much raw materials; there may be wind network pressure and flow calculation is not correct, there is another reason Dryer operators are not familiar with the dryer, resulting in improper use of dryers. For the first reason, the dryer can be replaced with a larger capacity; it can also be installed less with each charging; and the temperature of the dryer can be increased, but this method can easily cause the inside of the dryer On fire, so it is also possible to change the dryer. For the second reason and the third reason, you can contact with the drying equipment manufacturers to be resolved, the former can require the dryer manufacturers to recalculate wind pressure, flow and then provide design changes based on the actual situation; the latter can be combined with drying Machine manufacturers negotiate equipment specifications to learn the correct way to use the dryer.

2) The material is wet and dry uneven, may be improper use of drying equipment, it may be dryer material affected by the low temperature into a group. For the former, it is necessary to strengthen the technical training of the operators so that they can master the operation skills. If the raw materials are to be agglomerated, the dried raw materials must be shattered and then dried.

3) The dryer can not absorb the material: the first one is improper installation of dryer, dryer leak or installation is not correct; the second is the dryer equipment design problems, dryer pressure is not enough. For the former solution is to check the installation of the control installation drawings are correct, check the pipeline interface at the leak, and then be resolved accordingly; dryer design problems should be borne by the dryer manufacturers corresponding responsibility.

4) drying equipment, waste of fuel: If the equipment is poor insulation, you need to improve the insulation performance, you can pack a layer of insulation material, if the dryer design or dryer stove design problems, you need Contact manufacturers to be resolved.

5) dryer raw materials on fire: the raw material does not lead to lead to smoke inside the dryer; there may be too small drying equipment can not achieve the drying effect and forced heating, causing fire; there may be dryer equipment Improper use; In addition, there is a problem with the design principles of dryer equipment. For the first reason, you should check if the dryer equipment is properly installed, whether it leaks or increases the air pressure. The second reason is that the dryer can be retrofitted or the dryer with larger capacity can be replaced. For the operator Understand, can be familiar with the dryer, and re-learn the operation of the dryer precautions; is the device itself, you must ask the manufacturer to replace or modify the dryer repair.

6) Drying machine "shot": This may be because the dryer temperature is too high, causing the fire burning equipment drying; may also be due to blockage caused by the dryer "shot" phenomenon. For the former, the temperature of the dryer should be lowered, for the latter, the dryer equipment should be cleaned to keep the machine free of obstruction.