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As The Power Source Of The Fully Automatic Waste Paper Baler, Hydraulic Oil Plays A Vital Role

Oct 22, 2020

  The hydraulic oil contaminants of the automatic waste paper baler are solid contaminants, such as debris, foundry sand, dust, welding slag, liquid contaminants, such as moisture, cleaning oil of the waste paper baler, and air or waste paper packaging from the atmosphere . The hydraulic oil of the machine can separate air pollutants such as air. These waste paper baler contaminants are usually left in the system by hydraulic packer hydraulic components or fuel tanks during manufacturing, transportation, assembly, and improper cleaning.


 As the power source of the waste paper baler, hydraulic oil plays a vital role. The waste paper baler needs strict hydraulic oil requirements when working. Pay attention to the working viscosity of hydraulic oil, working temperature and cleanliness of working environment. The viscosity of hydraulic oil is sensitive to temperature changes.


  The temperature increase of the waste paper baler will greatly reduce the temperature of the hydraulic fluid of the hydraulic baler. On the contrary, the change of the hydraulic fluid viscosity of the waste paper baler will directly affect the performance and leakage of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler. Use oil with lower viscosity (or better viscosity-temperature characteristics) and less affected by temperature changes. Sometimes temperature control equipment (such as heater or cooler) is placed in the hydraulic baler tank to control and adjust the oil temperature of the hydraulic baler to reduce the viscosity change in the hydraulic oil.


 There are many factors that limit the efficiency of the waste paper baler. This may be a problem with the oil pump of the waste paper baler. For example, if the fuel supply does not meet the flow requirements, a similar situation can occur. If the overflow valve in the waste paper baler is damaged or deformed, it will also seriously affect the output of the oil pump, thereby slowing down the fuel supply.


 Another possibility is that the oil drain holes inside and outside the waste paper baler are serious. In this case, if you work quickly, the oil pressure will be too low, but the consequences will be more serious. In order to prevent the above-mentioned situations, the waste paper baler must undergo strict inspection and testing before operation.