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Asia-Pacific Semper Lab Was Selected As A Key Laboratory For Rizhao City

Apr 04, 2019

Recently, Rizhao City Science and Technology Bureau issued a document to announce the establishment of a key laboratory for Rizhao City. The “Rizhao Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper” declared by Asia Pacific Semper (Shandong) Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. was selected for the program. This has a positive effect on strengthening the company's innovation platform and enhancing the company's technology research and development and technological innovation capabilities.

The Rizhao Pulp and Paper Key Laboratory, which is being applied for by Asia-Pacific Semper, will rely on the laboratory center, R&D center and process optimization department under the company's technology center, as well as the company's existing Shandong enterprise technology. The center, Rizhao cellulose pulp and high-end cardboard engineering technology research center, CNAS national accredited laboratory and other technology platforms, using the company's modern pulp and paper research and development equipment and technical equipment advanced production lines, carry out technical research and development work, improve the laboratory application basis Research, results transformation and open service capabilities.

The Rizhao City Key Laboratory Formation Plan is in accordance with the “Interim Measures for the Management of Key Laboratory of Rizhao City”, which has been applied by the supporting unit, recommended by the competent authorities, and selected by experts. There are 17 key enterprise laboratories and 8 disciplines in Rizhao City. The key laboratory was included in the 2018 Rizhao City Key Laboratory Formation Plan. The project aims to strengthen the construction of science and technology innovation platform in Rizhao City and promote the construction of a national innovative city.