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The Association Receives The Delegation Of Uzbekistan And Holds A Conference On Investment Cooperation In Uzbekistan

Jul 05, 2019

On the morning of June 20, the Director of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Director General of the China Economic Cooperation Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the 'General Directorate of China'), led a delegation to visit the association, and President Hu Weiping gave a warm reception. The two sides exchanged opinions in depth and cooperated with the overseas associations and the General Administration of China to jointly promote the Chinese enterprises' investment in Uzbekistan and the high-quality joint construction of the “Belt and Road”.

The General Administration of China is the Uzbekistan Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade proposed by the President in the near future, specifically aimed at expanding China-Ukraine economic exchanges and cooperation, attracting Chinese investment, and rapidly developing its own economy. This delegation also visited the Director of the Bureau of Dialogue Economic Cooperation Programs, Shah Aziz Shaziatov and the First Deputy Minister (Head of China), Ihti Jornia, Muradov. Uzbekistan attaches importance and ambition to cooperation with China.

In the afternoon, the Overseas Association organized a “Uzbekistan Investment Project Promotion Conference” for the delegation, and invited members and representatives of cooperative enterprises to attend. Eight provinces and cities including Beijing, Liaoning, Jilin, Shandong and Hebei included 22 state-owned enterprises and 50 enterprises. Nearly a hundred representatives of a number of private enterprises attended the event, and they listened to the introduction and took the initiative to meet and negotiate. It was very popular.

Uzbekistan is now very encouraged to actively cooperate with China in the construction industry, textile industry, food processing, infrastructure, power industry, electrical and electronics, chemical industry, clean energy and other fields. In mid-July, I will organize a corporate delegation to invest in Uzbekistan and hold a “China-Ukraine Investment Cooperation Forum”. We welcome relevant companies to pay attention and sign up for participation.