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Why Should The Automatic Waste Paper Baler Be Waterproof?

Nov 04, 2020

Briefly describe the automatic waste paper baler to pay attention to waterproof reasons and proper operation process.  

There is a reason to prevent the entry of moisture:   

1. Water corrodes the metal composite materials in the hydraulic drive system software of the automatic waste paper baler, reducing the service life of electronic devices, and the corroded particles fall into the system and cause damage.  

2. Accelerate the moldy of the oil, and in the presence of iron, copper, manganese and other particulate matter, the oxygen in the water and the air will oxidize the oil and convert it into a viscous polymer, commonly known as greasy dirt. When the operating temperature exceeds 65 degrees, the oxidation speed increases, and the oxidation effect doubles for every 10 degrees increase.  

3. The lubricity of the automatic waste paper baler is reduced.  

When using the plastic packing belt of the automatic waste paper packing machine, there is no need to make the plastic packing belt dirty and damaged. If you pay attention to it, it is generally not easy to get dirty. However, there is a situation that needs to be paid attention to. Later, I forgot to close the door of the belt storage box of the automatic waste paper baler, and immediately pressed the function button of the belt feeding, which caused all the plastic packaging belts to fall to the ground. Therefore, the operators were required to be careful during the work.