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Automatic Waste Paper Baler Wear Phenomenon And Emergency Treatment Methods

Feb 07, 2018

1, the normal wear and tear of automatic waste paper baler within the allowable limits of the design requirements of the normal wear and tear of waste paper baler. This wear is generally in the initial stage, the new friction surface has a certain degree of roughness, the real contact surface is small, faster wear and tear, which is the so-called run and stage. As the surface gradually polished, the real contact area increases, the waste paper baler gradually entered the normal stable wear stage, the wear of the friction surface is slight, and slowly and steadily.

2, adhesive wear This wear refers to the real point of contact, due to solid phase welding, the contact surface of the material from one surface to another surface transfer phenomenon, called the adhesive wear. Solid paper welding balers occur when the actual contact point may exceed the temperature may not exceed the melting point.

Waste paper balers are used to squeeze waste and similar products under normal conditions so that their volume is greatly reduced, so as to reduce the volume of transportation, save shipping costs and increase profits for enterprises. The working principle of waste paper baler is to tighten, hot melt, cut with tape, and finish the packing. Professional balers manufacturers use a wide range of equipment, regardless of the size of the packaging, without the need to adjust the machine can be packaged, packaged balers are mechanical structure, part of the use of imported baler parts, after the blade is stable and reliable, easy to adjust, the baler at reasonable prices . To be used for such enterprises are also applicable to the packaging of various products wooden boxing.