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Bale Wrap One Machine Main Troubleshooting

Feb 07, 2018

Silage is anaerobic conditions, the rapid fermentation of lactic acid bacteria produce acid, quickly reduce the pH value, inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria, leaving the fresh straw to long-term preservation. Anaerobic conditions and rapid formation of acidic environment (low pH) is essential. Anaerobic conditions: good bundling compaction, envelope sealing and other management. Rapidly formed acidic environment: good management of lactic acid bacteria + rapid acid production by lactic acid bacteria = high quality silage.

The main cause of this phenomenon may be: the setting of the pick-up is wrong (the ground is too high); the driving speed is too fast; the snap-tooth is broken or worn; the processing: the adjustment pick-up Ground clearance; reduce driving speed; replace the new spring tooth.

Pick up too much tilt, deal with: large throttle, low speed; reduce driving speed; adjust the pick-up height from the ground, so that straw bar above grass 2 cm above; dry straw moisture is not more than 25%; adjust the drawbar On the hand wheel.

Silage bale wrapper machine is mainly composed of PONY baler and envelope machine connected by a simple bracket, it is with the continuous improvement of agricultural technology in our country, came into being, a stand-alone machine You can complete the pick up, baling and coating work, all of these operations are carried out automatically and continuously, so significantly reduce the workforce, but also save a lot of time.