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Before Using The Hydraulic Oil Of The Waste Paper Baler, It Is Necessary To Keep The Hydraulic Oil Clean

Oct 19, 2020

       Hydraulic oil is the starting point of the waste paper baler operation. Before using the waste paper baler hydraulic oil, it is necessary to keep the hydraulic oil clean. Before use, the hydraulic oil may be contaminated by the outside during the storage process, or there may be faults. Therefore, pay attention to investigate the oil condition before filling the oil, and deal with it in time if any problems are found. The waste paper baler factory analyzes the reasons for the heating of hydraulic oil for you:

       The accuracy of the components is poor and the quality of the equipment is poor. The mechanical conflict between relative motions is lost. The planned structure of the hydraulic components in the system is unreasonable and the production quality is poor. After the oil passes through the valve, the excitation is large and internal leakage is severe. The unloading circuit in the system is faulty. Perhaps because the unloading circuit is not set, the oil pump cannot unload when the operation is stopped. The entire flow of the pump overflows under high pressure, and the overflow rate generates heat, which causes the oil to heat up.

       The fixed pump oil supply system with the capacity of the oil pump selected according to the fast forward speed will cause most of the remaining flow to overflow from the overflow valve under high pressure and generate heat during operation. The standard selection of hydraulic components in the hydraulic system is reasonable. When selecting the valve, because the standard is too small, the formation energy loss is too large and the system heats up, or the flow rate is too high to cause noise. When the pump flow is too large when the pump is selected, the remaining oil will overflow from the overflow valve and cause heat.

       The waste paper baler has a wide range of uses. It can pack waste paper, waste paper boxes, straw, straw, etc., in one-time packaging, which is convenient for transportation and saves space. It has become a problem for many of our waste products. Missing equipment. The main packing station will collect all kinds of waste paper, waste paper boxes, etc., and the hard paper shell waste paper baler is rolled by the machine into a square shape, and then transported to the paper mill as the papermaking material, which is attributed to the renewable resources industry.

       Secondly, the maintenance and repair of the equipment are operated by some skilled personnel, and the rainproof operation cannot be ignored, and the fireproof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion operations should be handled properly. The final installation process must be in compliance with the specifications. The technicians are sent to deploy the installation, the circuit system is overhauled on time, the maintenance time, and the address is fixed. It has complete and specific operating specifications, and the maintenance plan should be implemented in accordance with the standardized methods. After analyzing and reading, the maintenance method of waste paper baler is explained.