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Book Number Reduced By 30% Per Year Is The Publication Paper Smashed?

Apr 25, 2019

Everyone knows that in addition to packaging applications, cultural publishing is also a very large application area. In fact, you may have noticed that in the field of cultural publishing applications, there is actually a relatively large policy change, and it may also be related to paper products. The production and sales have no small impact, and their influence is no less than that. The introduction of waste paper import restrictions, the role of the box board corrugated paper, etc., the product market, that is, the reduction of the publication number.

The publication of any book or journal requires a license to issue, that is, the book number, and the book number can only be, nearly 600 authorized by the state, large and small publishers, can declare, record and issue. In March last year, the State Administration of Press and Publication introduced a number of regulations, increasing control over the number of publications of local publishing houses, and plans to substantially reduce the issuance of new book numbers.

In 2018, 30% of the book circulation will be reduced on the basis of 2017, and 30% will be reduced by another 18 years in 19 years. There are fewer books, of course, many industry peers, naturally think of it, the book is less, the printed paper is also less, but whether this is the case, the reduction of the book number, in the end on the impact of our paper market.

In response to such a large application market, the policy of reducing the number of books has caused an uproar in the industry. At this time last year, it was true that many publishers, booksellers, cultural media companies, and suppliers of publishing papers, Traders have produced a lot of shocks, and the price of cultural paper has also seen several rounds of panic decline. Does the reduction in the book number really have such a big impact on the paper market?