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Briefly Describe The Knowledge Points About The Motor In The Waste Paper Baler

Oct 09, 2020

Briefly describe the knowledge points about the motor in the waste paper baler

        The motor used in the waste paper baler includes two parts: a stator and a rotor.

        The stator of the waste paper baler motor is also called the armature, including the base, end cover, armature core, armature winding device and other components. The armature core is installed in the inner circle of the base, which is the bracket of the generator and is made of cast iron. End caps are installed at the two ends, the upper ring is used for lifting, the round hole at the lower foot is for mounting bolts, and the grounding bolt on the machine base is for installing grounding wires. In order to dissipate heat and facilitate maintenance, ventilation windows are left on the end caps, which are covered with louvers to prevent intrusion of debris.

        The rotor includes rotor core, rotor (excitation) winding, fan, shaft and other components. The rotor core is the narrow part of the waste paper baler motor, made of 1-2M thick steel/stacked. The iron core is fixed on the magnetic yoke with a pupa bolt. The magnetic yoke is made of a single piece of low carbon and is sleeved on the uranium through a steel rod.