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Chinese Investors Increase Investment In Uzbekistan's Navoi Free Economic Zone

Nov 08, 2018

According to Uzbekistan’s “Detailed” news network, Chinese entrepreneurs are planning to set up elevator factories in the Navoi Free Economic Zone to produce freight and passenger ladders for use in high-rise residential buildings.

After understanding the business activities of the Free Economic Zone, investors said they would invest $2 million to implement the project. Importantly, the facility will provide jobs for five foreign experts and 30 local industry insiders.

In addition, the Chinese company "SDV Consulting Engineers" plans to organize consulting services for entrepreneurs in the free economic zone.

The Iranian delegation also arrived in the state recently to understand the investment potential of the region. The delegation discussed with the local government the cooperation between the two countries in the field of science and technology, and specifically proposed the establishment of scientific and practical cooperation between the National Institute of Mines in Navoi and the Khomeini International University in Iran. The two sides also expressed their opinions on the joint scientific research and practical activities of the mining industry.

Navoi Governor Tersunov met with the Chinese and Iranian delegations respectively.

It is understood that China Zhongtian Company has successfully built a factory in the free economic zone that uses cotton straw as raw material to produce particleboard and medium-density wood fiberboard.