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Common Problems And Treatment Methods Of Scrap Metal Baler

Jan 21, 2021

    In our lives, we often see scrap metal, copper scrap, and copper scraps. They are recycled by recycling stations, and then pressed into high-density cakes with a scrap metal baler, and then sold to steel mills or steel casting plants. Scrap metal baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products robustly under normal conditions, and package them with packaging tape to greatly reduce the volume, thereby reducing transportation volume, saving freight, and adding benefits to enterprises. The technology and process of similar products at home and abroad have been introduced. The use and scope of use of the copper chip briquetting machine are relatively wide, but some small faults will also occur during the use process. After our long-term practice, we have summarized the common problems and solutions.

    1. The slider slipped severely after the scrap metal baler was stopped

    Solution: Observe the oil cylinder. If oil leakage is found in the oil cylinder, replace the oil cylinder sealing ring in time; adjust the pressure to check the valve port to prevent the pressure from being too small or the pressure port being loose

    2. The scrap metal baler system has large noise and vibration

    Solution: use hoses at the oil inlet and outlet of the pump; do not install the pump on the oil tank; increase the hydraulic pump to reduce the number of revolutions of the motor; insert anti-vibration materials under the pump base and the oil tank; choose a low-noise pump and use a vertical motor Immerse the hydraulic pump in oil;

    3. Abnormal system pressure

    Solution: Pressure is unstable, repair or replace, clean, change oil; pressure is too high, set from scratch, clean or replace; system pressure is normal, clean or replace;

    4. The hydraulic impact of the scrap metal baler system is large

    Solution: It is closed and opened instantaneously when changing direction, causing hydraulic shock when the kinetic energy or potential energy is converted to each other; when the hydraulic cylinder moves, it has a large momentum and inertia, and is suddenly braked, causing a large pressure increase and hydraulic pressure Impact: The momentum and inertia generated during the movement of the hydraulic cylinder collide with the cylinder body and cause the impact.

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