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Description Of Waste Paper Baler

Aug 17, 2020

Description of waste paper baler

The waste paper baler has a wide range of uses. It can pack waste paper, waste paper boxes, straw, straw bales, plastic bottles, cans, etc., all at one time, which is convenient for transportation and saves space. Indispensable equipment such as waste recycling.

   First, the packing station will collect all kinds of waste paper, waste paper boxes, etc., and the cardboard shell waste paper baler is packed into squares by the machine rolling, and then transported to the paper mill as raw materials for papermaking, which belongs to the renewable resources industry. Secondly, the maintenance and repair of the equipment, some technicians, and the rainproof work can not be ignored, and the fireproof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion work should be handled properly. Finally, the installation process must be in compliance with the specifications, and the technicians are sent to carry out the installation, the circuit system is regularly overhauled, the maintenance time, and the location is fixed. It has complete and detailed operating standards and maintenance plans, which should be implemented in accordance with standard methods. Analyze and read, the maintenance method of the waste paper box baler.