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Design Time Crocodile Scissors Overall Layout And Working Principle

Nov 11, 2020

Nantong Machinery Hydraulic Machinery Equipment provides you with:

The overall layout of the crocodile shears consists of the main engine, motor, oil pump, oil tank, etc.

The crocodile shears main machine is composed of a machine base, a knife rest, a shearing cylinder, a pressing cylinder, a pressing plate, a friction ring, and an adjusting bushing.

Base: It is composed of welding base, left frame, right frame, etc. The right and left frames of the base are all welded parts, and the right and left frames adopt internal and external (double) side panels, which are firm in structure. There is a platform and a slope at the front of the machine base. A lower shearing knife is installed between them. There is a large hole in the middle of the left and right frames for installing the knife holder. Each of the rear forks has a sub L for installing the shearing cylinder. The front part of the frame is welded with a pressure cylinder bracket to install the pressure cylinder.