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How To Diagnose The Fault Of The Hydraulic Pump Of The Hydraulic Baler

Jul 27, 2020

Mechanism Analysis of the Looseness of the Ball Head of Hydraulic Pump

Due to manufacturing errors or the pressure impact of the hydraulic pump in the working process, the plunger ball head and the ball socket are often deformed to increase the gap between the ball head and the ball socket, which causes the failure of the plunger ball head to loosen.

Analysis of failure mechanism based on vibration signal

During the rotation of the cylinder of the hydraulic pump, the plunger reciprocates in the cylinder. When the cylinder rotates through a certain angle, the plunger passes through the top dead center and enters the suction area. The ball head collides with the plunger once, and when the cylinder rotates After the top dead center, the ball head starts to move in the direction of the plunger, and the ball head and the plunger move relative to each other. When turning over the oil discharge area, high-pressure oil acts on the plunger, causing the plunger to move quickly in the direction of the ball head. As a result, there is another impact, the cylinder body rotates one round, the ball head and the plunger collide twice, and the energy is transferred to the housing through the transmission shaft and the bearing. Therefore, the vibration frequency of the ball head loosening failure is twice the shaft frequency.

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