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Domestic Waste Paper Recycling Continues To Improve, And The Future Of Waste Paper Recycling Industry Has A Promising Future

Aug 04, 2020

Domestic waste paper recycling continues to improve, and the future of waste paper recycling industry has a promising future

my country's recycling system for waste materials is not yet perfect. Waste paper baler China has only done a simple treatment of the classification of recycled waste paper, and can only be used to produce low-grade raw materials, and the feeding behavior of waste paper after recycling has already become an open secret of this industry, mixing water and sand The phenomenon has been repeatedly banned. In addition to the cancellation of the preferential value-added tax rebate policy for recycled waste paper resources in 2011, the purchase of waste paper has more links, resulting in the price of domestic waste paper being equal to or even higher than that of imported waste paper. For paper mills, this is not the case. , It is better to import directly from abroad. Under such circumstances, my country’s waste paper may not be able to form a virtuous circle, and the recycling of waste paper resources is in urgent need of reform. In fact, the advantage of importing waste paper from abroad lies not only in its high wood fiber content, but also in its standard for waste paper recycling, which is sorted according to varieties and meets the standards, and purchases and sales are implemented in accordance with the standards. Under the effect of this standardization system, many developed waste paper recycling rates are above 80%, while China’s waste paper recycling rate is only 43.8%, which is far below the average level. It is important to improve China’s waste paper recycling system as soon as possible. Top priority. Since most of the companies engaged in waste paper recycling in China are private individuals, the structure of the waste paper recycling system can be summed up as a small mess. We should give these individuals some preferential policies to purchase waste products, so that waste recycling can embark on the road of corporate operation. , To promote the standardization and standardization of waste paper recycling behavior. The other is to restore the preferential VAT refund policy for recycling waste paper resources. In the two sessions in 2017, Li Jianhua, the representative of the 12th National People’s Congress of Huatai Chairman, put forward the "Recommendation on Resuming Waste Paper Processing Trade Policy to Promote the Export of Paper Products and Alleviating Overcapacity" The paper processing trade policy promotes the construction of a domestic waste paper recycling system, stimulates more enterprises to participate, and establishes a complete set of standard guidelines for waste paper classification, packaging, transportation, etc., to fundamentally solve the problem of China’s low waste paper recycling rate . There is also innovation in technical equipment. Since the reform and opening up, my country has introduced more than 50 sets of waste paper processing production lines from abroad. These imported equipment have played a decisive role in accelerating the recovery and utilization of waste paper in my country, greatly reducing the gap between my country's waste paper processing technology and equipment and the advanced level. In recent years, domestic light industry machinery factories and scientific research departments have also done a lot of work on the research and development of waste paper processing equipment. Some equipment is close to the advanced level of foreign countries, but these equipment usually only target a certain link in the waste paper processing process. It is far from meeting the requirements of large-scale enterprises for waste paper processing. I hope that people with lofty ideals in the industry will work together to develop and manufacture large-scale efficient and advanced complete sets of technical equipment to fill the technical gap in China's waste papermaking. Today, when human environmental protection awareness continues to increase, people's ideas are not limited to how to reduce waste. More and more people are beginning to pay attention to the recycling of waste products, especially for a raw material shortage such as China. Waste paper recycling benefits the country and the people. With the continuous improvement of the domestic waste paper recycling system and the continuous innovation of technology, the future of resource recycling will definitely make a lot of progress. Zaishang.com believes that with the rapid economic development and the improvement of people’s living standards, the production and consumption of paper have increased significantly, resulting in a shortage of papermaking raw materials. The recycling of waste paper can solve this problem, but the recycling of waste paper There are still many shortcomings. The continuous improvement of China's waste paper recycling system is undoubtedly a good news.