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Can 370,000 Jobs Ease The Unemployment Of Uzbekistan?

Apr 09, 2019

The Uzbek government plans to significantly reduce the provinces of Andijan, Gizak, Samarkand, Bukhara, Huarazzi, Syr Darya, Namangan and Ferghana by the end of 2019. State unemployment rate.


Image from Central Asia News Network

According to the Ministry of Justice, the presidential decree issued recently stipulated that 370,000 new jobs would be created in 2019.

The decree also provides for the regulation of 182,000 people engaged in seasonal and temporary work.

The department said that in addition to the above measures, as part of the national decree, Uzbekistan also plans to create 64,000 vacant posts, creating more than 46,000 jobs for those in need of social assistance and employment.

It is understood that not long ago, the International Monetary Fund delegation led by senior financier Albert Eger visited Uzbekistan. Eger shared his views on the current economic situation of Uzbekistan and its future development prospects.

He believes that the primary issue for Uzbekistan is to create jobs. "Creating employment opportunities, especially for unskilled and disadvantaged groups, is the country's top priority." In this regard, the Uzbek government recognizes that foreign workers are one of the mechanisms to overcome economic difficulties. According to official data, currently more than 33 million people in Uzbekistan work abroad, more than 2.6 million people, accounting for 20% of the workforce.

Source: Kabbah, Central Asia News Network

Compilation: Liu Ruozhen