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Electrical Safety Operating Rules For Waste Paper Baler

Aug 26, 2020

Electrical safety operating rules for waste paper baler

1. Electricians must hold certificates to work. Non-electricians are prohibited from repairing electrical equipment and wiring.

2. The electrician on duty and those who perform electrical work or those who work in dangerous areas such as step voltage and electric shock near high-voltage areas must wear insulated shoes.

3. All hand-held power tools (electric welders, planing machines, hand drills and other small electrical appliances) must be grounded or connected to zero, and effective leakage protection devices must be used before use. Wear insulating gloves or be on the ground before use. Pad insulation pad.

4. All electrical equipment, electronic components, etc., if any leakage or damage is found, stop using them immediately and notify the electrician for inspection and repair.

5. Temporary lighting should use low-voltage lamps below 36 volts, and use low-voltage lamps below 12 volts for lighting in particularly humid or metal containers. It is strictly forbidden to use high-voltage lamps with 220 volts as running lights.

6. You must wear insulated gloves when working on live lines, overhauling, or working with power tools in wet areas, metal containers, and metal frames.

7. In the event of a sudden power failure during the production process, the power supply must be cut off quickly, the machine must be operated again, and the power must be turned on in order to prevent a sudden start to cause a personal accident.