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Environmental Protection Industry Revenue Of 1.5 Trillion In 2018

Jan 18, 2019

What is the revenue of China's environmental protection industry in 2018? At the 2019 National Environmental Protection Industry Association Working Conference held not long ago, Fan Yuansheng, president of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, gave the answer.

"In the first three quarters of 2018, China's environmental protection industry operating income reached 1.06 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.7%, and continued to maintain a steady growth trend. It is expected that the annual environmental protection industry operating income can exceed 1.5 trillion yuan."

However, in the view of some industry players, in the past year, the environmental protection industry has encountered "black swan", and some people say that it has encountered "black rhinoceros." Whether it is rare and unpredictable, it is still a common and accustomed risk. The environmental industry in 2018 has indeed produced a hint of "coolness."

Under the influence of multiple factors such as financial deleveraging, PPP clearing inventory and strong supervision, the capital has ebbed, and some environmental protection enterprises have had problems. It feels like they have entered the “cold winter” and further affected the confidence of the capital market in the environmental protection industry. In fact, this situation only appears in the environmental protection industry, but it is more prominent in the environmental protection industry.

As Wu Qize, director of the Center for Environmental and Economic Policy Research of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and secretary of the party committee, Wu Xiaoze said that lack of money is a common phenomenon and is a common problem of current enterprises. The problems in the development of the environmental protection industry do not blame strong supervision, but individual companies are too radical, short-term debt long-term investment, mismatched funds, and violate the basic economic laws.

"Where the past is a prologue", with the beginning of 2018, many people are worried that after 2019, environmental protection supervision will be loosened, and the pace of rapid development of the environmental protection industry will also slow down. In fact, this kind of worry is not necessary, Fan Yuansheng said, "Looking forward to 2019, with a series of targeted preferential policies and phased policy fine-tuning for the real economy, the environmental protection industry market environment will gradually show results."

The so-called "scraping the bones to treat the poison, to sabotage the muscles", after the climax of the environmental protection industry after the merger and reorganization and reshuffle, the ushered in will be the transition from high-speed development to high-quality development. The high-speed growth of the environmental protection market continues, and the development potential is considerable, so it is not necessary to be too pessimistic.

In the face of environmental protection industry, the dual nature of environmental governance and social investment can not be ignored at any time, and the environmental protection industry bears the high requirements of environmental quality and slows down the burden of GDP growth. In 2019, the financing environment improved, the market worried about the mood, and the environmental protection sector will usher in an excellent timing.