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Europe And The United States May Become The Biggest Competition For Chinese Corrugated Cardboard

Apr 17, 2019

Large companies have basically taken control of pricing power, so they can only survive and develop in the future market if they keep up with their rhythm.

Other pure wood pulp grades, food grade wrappers and baking papers will certainly have great development in China's future market.

The amount of corrugated boxboards has been difficult to surpass 2017 and 2018. Therefore, in the future, the waste of the country, the addition of waste paper pulp, wood pulp, plus the reduction in demand will certainly reach a balance. China can import 15 million tons of waste paper and import 10 million tons of finished paper.

However, Indian paper does need to change the strong "curry" taste first, so that the discerning Chinese will have more opportunities to use! Otherwise the workers on the production line will object first!

In fact, the biggest competitor of China's corrugated cardboard is not South Asia, not India, but Europe and the United States.

The raw materials of corrugated boxboard, as waste paper, have basically been the same as the money in Europe and the United States. Their local old equipment can continue to be produced, and the cost is very low; Have rushed to the Chinese market to quote? If you can make finished paper, why do you want to re-sell waste paper?

In the future, long fiber, which is lacking in China's papermaking raw materials, is still a cleaner fiber raw material proposed from European and American waste paper.

For enterprises, they should abandon the original model and adopt various methods to solve it.