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Features Of Hydraulic Waste Paper Baler

Aug 25, 2020

The vertical hydraulic baler has fine workmanship and good packaging effect. Features of the vertical hydraulic baler: convenient refilling, simple structure, small footprint, beautiful appearance, hydraulic door opening, high box body, the whole package is pressed into one at a time, single-sided wear Rope, high pressure, beautiful and beautiful, easy to install.

        Uses: Mainly used in garment factories, clothing and textile packing stations to compress and pack loose and soft bags with packaging, and also suitable for compression and packing of other loose and soft objects.

        1. Mainly applicable to garment factories and waste recycling stations.

      2. Hydraulic configuration: The low-noise hydraulic circuit system adopts the combination of imported and domestic high-quality components, which not only guarantees the quality but also reduces the cost, and the performance of the whole machine is stable.

        3. Simple structure, low failure rate, simple and quick maintenance.

        4. Easy installation, no foundation reinforcement treatment is required.

        5. Feeding method: manual feeding is adopted.

        The above are the characteristics of the vertical hydraulic baler. If you have any questions about the hydraulic baler and vertical waste paper baler, please feel free to consult us.