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Three Requirements For Safe Production Offully Automatic Waste Paper Baler

Aug 12, 2020

Three requirements for safe production offully automatic waste paper baler 

With the continuous expansion of waste paper recycling scale, the horizontal waste paper baler in the fully automatic waste paper baler is the mainstream equipment in the market. The baler with this structure has high efficiency, and the package shape after packing is uniform and beautiful. At the same time, the density of each package can reach 500 kg per cubic meter, which can ensure that there will be no loss of tons during the transportation process, thereby increasing the single transportation value of transportation and saving expenses.

   1. Realize the predetermined function. The fully automatic waste paper baler equipment designed by the designer can realize the predetermined function and efficiency under the specified working conditions and the specified life span, and can operate normally. To maximize the ratio of investment and income, the package station will create economic benefits and create environmental benefits for the society.

  2. Meet the reliability requirements. Reliability requirements refer to a certain probability that the horizontal waste paper baler can work normally within the specified use time and under the predetermined environmental conditions. After more than 20 years of production development, the company has accumulated rich production experience and technical theories. The reliability of the automatic waste paper baler is guaranteed, and the equipment failure rate is reduced to the lowest standard.

   3. Investment economic requirements, no matter what the investment is. Skills to meet production needs and minimize investment are economic requirements. The semi-automatic horizontal waste paper baler can meet the waste paper baling volume of less than 100 tons per day, which is much lower than the fully automatic waste paper baler. The investment cost is low, the production efficiency is high, the use process, and the maintenance and repair are simple. It can enable customers to deal with faults very quickly during use, and reduce the shutdown of the automatic waste paper baler.