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Horizontal Waste Paper Baler Is Widely Used For Waste Paper Baler

Nov 25, 2020

   Horizontal waste paper baler is widely used in the packaging and recycling of old waste paper, plastic waste paper, etc. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs. The horizontal waste paper baler has a wide range of uses and is widely used in various waste paper factories, old waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises.

    Horizontal waste paper baler waste paper baler is used to squeeze waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and pack them with special packaging tape to greatly reduce the volume, thereby reducing transportation volume and saving freight. The purpose of the enterprise to increase the benefits of waste paper baler advantages

   1. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low movement inertia, low noise, stable movement and flexible operation.

   2. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only as a waste paper packaging equipment, but also as a processing equipment for packaging and compacting similar products.

   3. PLC control, with man-machine interface (touch screen) and inspection type monitoring, synchronous action indicator diagram with error warning, and the length of the block can be set.

   4. The floating necking design in the left, right and upper directions is conducive to automatic distribution of pressure on all sides, and can be widely used for packing different materials.

   5. Automatic strapping to improve the speed of packing.

   6. The pusher cylinder and the pusher head are connected by a spherical structure, which has good reliability and long service life of the oil seal.

   7. The feeding port is equipped with a distributed shearing knife, which has high cutting efficiency.

   8. Low noise hydraulic circuit design, high efficiency and low failure.

   9. Easy to install, no foundation needed.

   10. Horizontal structure, can be equipped with conveyor belt feeding or manual feeding.

   Instructions for online purchase of small waste paper baler

   In the Internet age, shopping is very convenient and fast, but the Internet has a certain virtuality. Customers who buy hydraulic baler online are recommended to check the market price of the baler before buying the baler. The price of Lejia mechanical hydraulic baler equipment is generally more than 80,000 for small balers. It is recommended that customers who invest in balers should not be greedy Cheap. In view of the fact that some balers are cheap to buy, and the balers they bought are scrapped after one year, it is recommended that customers choose small balers for online purchases carefully.

   To buy a small waste paper baler, you can search online for Lejia Machinery hydraulic small waste paper baler, online purchase small waste paper baler, vertical waste paper baler, enter the company's main website to view the detailed parameter information of the horizontal semi-automatic baler. Nantong hydraulic horizontal baler factory honestly sells large, medium and small, multi-specification hydraulic semi-automatic baler equipment, feeding conveyor, chain conveyor belt baler supporting feeding equipment, direct sales at factory prices throughout the year, welcome to come to the factory to compare purchase. "