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How Is The Internal Fuel Tank Of The Waste Paper Baler Designed?

Oct 14, 2020

Waste paper baler, currently the most popular new environmental protection equipment, Nantong cotton machine specializes in manufacturing, sales of waste paper baler, metal baler, straw baler, as well as horizontal waste paper baler and vertical waste paper baler Other series of products, with large output and high performance, are the choice of new and old users.

  How is the internal fuel tank of the waste paper baler designed?

How much do you know about the overall structure of a waste paper baler? A machine is not big or small, including its internal structure, which are the main and key parts? They all play What are the different effects? Next, let's talk about it.

A hydraulic waste paper baler is composed of several other power systems in addition to the main engine, conveyor, and feeding hopper. Its main characteristics are good performance, simple operation, high cost performance, and high The safety performance of the waste paper baler not only has better rigidity, toughness and stability, but also has a particularly beautiful and generous shape. Not only is it simple to operate, but also very fast to install. More importantly, such a device can better save energy. Environmental protection.

Let's not talk about the hardware facilities of the waste paper baler for the time being, mainly to talk about its internal structure, today we mainly talk about the structural design of the fuel tank, don't underestimate this small oil tank, now most of the waste paper is packaged The machine is a hydraulic system, so the cylinder plays a particularly important role in it.If it is not used or maintained correctly, it will cause a lot of unnecessary damage to the entire waste paper packaging machine.

The fuel tank on the waste paper baler, in order to make it work better and run longer, the service life is longer, and the design is also painstaking. In order to better prevent the pollution of the internal oil, we have more rationalized its design and summarized the following A few notes.

  One, the distance between the oil suction pipe and the oil return pipe on the oil tank should be as far as possible, and the oil suction and return oil can be separated by a partition to ensure the cleanliness of the oil in the tank.

  Second, a filter device should be installed at the entrance of the suction pipe. The filter can better avoid air bubbles when the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler sucks in air or returns oil.

   Three, set a cover plate on the fuel tank of the waste paper baler, and add a sealing ring at each nozzle to ensure its tightness. Filters or filters should be added to the oil injector and vent.

  Fourth, the bottom of the fuel tank should be kept at least 150mm from the ground. This is done for better heat dissipation and easy maintenance of the machine.

  Fifth,we use thick steel plates for the material of the fuel tank, and corner plates or ribs are also used to strengthen them in some special places.

Application range of waste paper baler

  Only by better ensuring that the fuel tank is normal can our waste paper baler be unimpeded in the later use and operation. No matter how good things are, maintenance and maintenance are needed, don't they?