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How Much Do You Know About Waste Papaer Baler

Sep 21, 2020

        In order to help customers better understand the waste paper box baler, we have summarized some product knowledge about waste paper box baler.

   Waste paper box baler is a large-scale waste paper processing equipment, which has the characteristics of large size, high degree of automation, production, etc., so what preparations do customers need to do before purchasing a waste paper box baler?

First of all, there must be enough production sites. The size of the waste paper box baler is large, and it is also equipped with a conveying device. It also needs to occupy a certain space. Therefore, the machine size, raw materials and finished products stacking, and finished products should be fully considered when selecting the site Many factors such as transportation.

   Do a good job in advance of the waste paper box packing machine market survey, mainly including production line input and finished product recycling market, etc., and estimate the approximate production cost, so as to calculate the profit margin, and truly make clear investment.

The waste paper box balers are not difficult to operate. With the rapid development of production technology, the technological content and automation level of the waste paper box balers are getting higher and higher. During the production process, the operator only needs to press the corresponding The processing can be performed by pressing the button, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces labor intensity, and makes personnel arrangement easier.

   The manufacturer must ensure the product quality of the waste paper box baler, and the materials used in the production process are also very particular. We will analyze the situation in detail!

The volume of the waste paper box baler is large, and the main part of the main machine is mostly made of steel such as channel steel. When cutting the material, the factory first selects steel, and then strictly controls the thickness of the channel steel, which can better ensure The quality of the equipment avoids bending and breaking during operation. In the production process of the waste paper box baler, the selection of oil cylinders, gear pumps, etc. is also very important. In machine production, the oil cylinder plays a major role, so its quality directly determines the quality of the finished product and the overall performance of the equipment.

  To ensure the normal operation of the waste paper box baler, daily maintenance work is essential!

   Check the operation of the pump. If the waste paper box baler is noisy, the needle swing is large, and the oil temperature is too high, the pump may be severely worn.

   Observe the indication value of the vacuum gauge installed at the suction pipe of the pump. During normal operation, its value should be below 127mmhg; otherwise, check the waste paper box baler oil filter and working oil.

   Understand the operating efficiency of the pump. Comparing the temperature of the pump casing and the fuel tank, if the temperature difference between the two is higher than 5°C, the pump efficiency can be considered very low. Check the oil leakage of the pump shaft and joints. Pay special attention to leakage at high temperature and high pressure.

   A small amount of air has penetrated into the oil of the waste paper baler, and needle-shaped bubbles can be found in the oil tank. If a lot of air invades the system, a lot of bubbles will appear in the fuel tank. At this time, the oil is easily deteriorated and cannot be used.

  At the same time, the hydraulic system of the waste carton packer will experience vibration, noise, pressure fluctuations, unstable operation of hydraulic components, crawling of moving parts, reversing impact, inaccurate positioning or disordered movements.