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How To Adjust The Temperature Of Automatic Head Baler?

Feb 07, 2018

The temperature of the hot head of the hydraulic waste baler has been adjusted at the time of delivery from the factory but varies according to the region, climate and location. At any time with reference to the dissolution of the packing zone to adjust the temperature of the hot head. In the hydraulic waste baler electric control box (hot melt temperature control), right (clockwise) rotation temperature becomes higher, the reverse decrease.

When using the hydraulic waste paper baler packing tape with different types of time to properly adjust the temperature, such as foam, thin packing tape should be appropriate to reduce the temperature; when using harder, thick packing tape to raise the temperature, But also appropriate to extend the cold pressure time. When used for a long time, the hydraulic waste paper baler hot surface oxidation or attached residue welding such as the appropriate increase in temperature; such as increased temperature does not meet the requirements, then disconnect the power supply, and so on after cooling , With sandpaper or blade to burnish the surface clean.

After cleaning, the hydraulic head of the baler should be restored to the original temperature. Hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor It is the hydraulic system of the two core components, their rational selection, to improve the efficiency of the system to ensure the reliable operation of horizontal waste paper baler, reduce energy consumption and reduce noise are very important.

Hydraulic pump is to horizontal hydraulic baler hydraulic system to provide a certain amount of flow and pressure of the hydraulic fluid power components, it is an indispensable core component of each hydraulic system, a reasonable choice of hydraulic pump for reducing horizontal waste paper baler hydraulic System energy consumption, improve system efficiency, reduce noise, improve work performance and ensure system reliability are very important.