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How To Ensure That The Waste Paper Baler Does Not Enter Air During Usage

Jul 20, 2020

How to ensure that the waste paper baler does not enter the air has always been a concern of many users and manufacturers. Today, I will give you an introduction.

As China's technological development has made greater progress in all aspects, the quality of economic conditions has also risen to a higher level, and the technology of full automatic waste paper balers in this market field has shown Automation and intelligence have brought higher profits, made productivity more perfect, and promoted the progress of production labor.

An exhaust valve should be installed on the upper part of the oil cylinder of the waste paper baler to facilitate the exhaust of the air in the cylinder and the system. The oil temperature changes and load changes that the waste paper baler adapts to are greater than the use of a throttle valve. Use a flow control valve The synchronous circuit of parallel hydraulic cylinders is simple in structure and low in cost, so it is widely used; it should try to prevent any pressure in the waste paper baler system from being lower than atmospheric pressure, and at the same time, use a particularly good sealing device. To replace, tighten the pipe joints and joint surfaces with screws, and clean the oil filter at the entrance of the waste paper baler's oil tank in time; check the height of the liquid oil level in the waste paper baler's tank frequently, and its height should be kept at the oil mark On the line, at the lowest surface, the suction pipe port and the same oil pipe port should also be kept below the liquid level and must be separated by a partition.

The choice of waste paper baler is very important. If we choose a good choice, we can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles in the process of use and there will be someone to guide us. We must choose the model based on our waste paper volume. We are choosing Do not judge the quality of the machine based on the price, but purchase it from a regular manufacturer, so that the after-sales can be better guaranteed, and there will be someone to guide you during the use. The starting of the three-phase asynchronous motor of the waste paper baler has two types: direct starting and reduced voltage starting. Direct starting is a simple, reliable and economical starting method, but the starting current of the motor is 4/7 times the rated current.

We will continue to update the introduction of more waste paper baler, and we look forward to your continued attention to our website. We will continue to provide you with useful information so that you have a deeper understanding of the waste paper baler.