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How To Extend The Service Life Of Automatic Baler

Nov 10, 2020

The automatic packing machine is the carton packing machine equipment that many large enterprises have begun to use. The automatic packing machine has high working efficiency, simple and convenient operation, and easier to use. After we use the automatic packing machine for a long time, it will definitely cause its wear , How can we ensure its long-term use?

First of all, we have to formulate rules and regulations for the cleaning and maintenance of the baler, and record every time the baler is maintained.

The work surface of the automatic baler should be cleaned before or after use;

The belt of the automatic packer should also be cleaned;

There are also the vulnerable parts of the automatic packer, such as the blades and the ironing head, which also need to be cleaned.

Secondly, according to the use of the automatic baler, it is necessary to preheat the ironing head of the baler, so as to ensure that the baler can complete the baling work when the baler is working.

Also, when using the automatic packing machine, the operator must always pay attention to the use of the packing machine. If the packing machine has abnormal noise or any malfunction, we must turn off the power in time to prevent accidents.

When the automatic baler adjusts the ironing head of the baler, do not adjust the temperature too high, otherwise it will damage the bonding of our baler.

After the automatic baler is used for a long time, our operators shall lubricate the various parts of the baler to ensure that the various parts can work normally.

When repairing the baler, the workshop personnel must record the machine's faults every time to facilitate future queries.

When operating the baler in the workshop, the operator must be careful not to penetrate his hands into the machine while the baler is working to prevent danger.

The operator must use compressed air to blow out the parts of the machine that are easy to accumulate dust and tips; use a blade to scrape the thermal adhesive residue on the iron; clean the dirt on the exhaust fan of the iron.

Regarding our use of the automatic baler, we have experience in how to use it for a long time. In fact, after we purchase the automatic baler, our best way is to formulate the safe operating procedures of the baler, so that we can be more effective. The use of automatic baler to ensure the long-term use of our baler.