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How To Guarantee The Quality Of Small Waste Paper Baler

Feb 23, 2021

   Small waste paper baler can observe the working condition and load size of each part of the system from the pressure gauge. The small waste paper baler is easy to realize automatic operation and overload protection. In the hydraulic system, some simple control valves can be used to control the pressure, direction, and flow of the liquid flow, thereby controlling the force or torque of the actuator, and the reversing speed. It can also easily achieve the sequence requirements of the action, as long as the pressure is used If the valve control pressure is at a certain limit, it can prevent overload and avoid accidents.

   Another point is that the small waste paper baler is easy to realize standardization, serialization and generalization when using hydraulic baler. The hydraulic system can be divided into various basic links based on its working principle, and various systems have their commonalities. Therefore, the hydraulic components can be standardized and serialized. Mass production can be organized, and the manufacturer can use efficient special equipment to reduce small waste Manufacturing cost of paper baler. The use factory selects according to the standard, the design is convenient, the creation workload is reduced, and the maintenance and replacement are also convenient. It is not that the application of hydraulic transmission in the baler can guarantee its quality problems. The hydraulic transmission also has its own shortcomings. Here is a brief analysis for everyone

   1. Affected by the nature of hydraulic oil. A hydraulic oil is suitable for a certain temperature range and environment, so a suitable hydraulic oil must be selected for a small waste paper baler.

   2. At present, the domestic hydraulic components have a short life and the hydraulic system is leaking. If the sealing element structure or material is not good enough to cause serious external leakage, it will reduce the movement progress and transmission efficiency, and also affect the smoothness of the movement of the small waste paper baler.

   3. Small waste paper is less efficient when it transmits rotating motion. The baler requires a high level of processing, use and maintenance. In order to reduce leakage and friction between the moving parts of the parts, the gap between the parts should be small and the geometric accuracy should be high. Generally, the gap of the valve is 7-20 microns, the ovality and taper are 3-5 microns, and the smoothness is 9-10