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How To Solve The Electrical Failure Of The Reversing Valve Of The Automatic Waste Paper Baler

Aug 06, 2020

How to solve the electrical failure of the reversing valve of the automatic waste paper baler

 1, electrical circuit failure

   (1) The electrical circuit of the automatic waste paper baler is broken, the electromagnet is not energized, and the wire is replaced without a control signal to energize the electromagnet.

   (2) The electrode is poorly welded, the joint is loose and re-welded, and the joint is welded.

  (3) The voltage is too low or unstable. Check the voltage at both ends of the electromagnet. The change should be within 10% of the rated voltage.

   2. The solenoid coil is heated to burn

   (1) Poor insulation of the coil, and leakage occurs to replace the coil.

   (2) The electromagnet core fails to attract and replace the electromagnet core.

  (3) The push rod is too long and the electromagnet core cannot be sucked in place to trim the push rod to the proper position.

   (4) The electromagnet works at high frequency, and the iron core is dry and rubbed to cause heat and expansion, which makes the iron core stuck for repair or replacement of the iron core.