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How To Solve The Problem That The Oil Pump Of The Waste Paper Baler Does Not Drain?

Sep 02, 2020

How to solve the problem that the oil pump of the waste paper baler does not drain?

The oil pump failure of the waste paper baler mainly includes oil pump failure, oil suction pipe failure, fuel tank filter failure, and oil pump motor failure. If the horizontal waste paper baler oil pump fails to discharge oil, check and eliminate the faults in turn according to the following methods.

1. Stop immediately if the direction of rotation is wrong, and correct the direction of rotation of the motor. If it continues to burn or damage the oil pump.

2. The oil pump of the waste paper packer does not rotate. Repair the coupling.

3. The pump shaft is broken and the rotor does not rotate. Repair the oil pump.

4. The suction pipe is blocked, check the suction pipe.

5. The fuel tank filter is blocked, clean the filter or replace it.

6. The capacity of the fuel tank filter is insufficient. Replace with a larger capacity, which is more than 2 times the pump capacity.

7. The anti-wear hydraulic oil viscosity of the waste paper baler is too high. Change the oil type and install a heater.

8. The motor speed of the waste paper baler is insufficient. Replace the motor with the specified speed of the oil pump.

9. The suction pipe of the oil pump is not well sealed, and gas is present. Check the suction pipe.

10. The fuel tank filter should refuel at the top of the oil level or redesign the oil level.

11. The oil pump leaf cannot slide out of the rotor groove, repair the oil pump or replace the oil pump.