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Is The Hydraulic Cylinder In The Waste Paper Packer Better With A Single Piston Rod Or A Double Rod?

Sep 11, 2020

Is the hydraulic cylinder in the waste paper packer better with a single piston rod or a double rod?

The hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler has a main cylinder, a side wall cylinder, and a door cylinder with a door. The main cylinder is a front flange type and is connected with the upper beam of the main machine by bolts. When the high pressure oil acts on the cylinder piston, the piston rod is pushed The cylinder body makes a reciprocating linear movement, so that the objects to be packed are compressed in the box body, reducing the occupied space and achieving the effect of packing.

Single-piston rod hydraulic cylinders, also called double-acting cylinders, only have a piston rod at one end, and both ends of the inlet and outlet ports A and B can pass pressure oil or return oil to achieve bidirectional movement.

The oil cylinder of the waste paper baler is a single-piston rod type double-acting oil cylinder. The cylinder body has a piston and is equipped with a sealing ring, so that the front and rear oil chambers are formed in the cylinder body. When high-pressure oil acts on the front or rear chambers The piston moves to achieve the purpose of the cylinder movement.

The cylinder port of the oil cylinder is equipped with a guide sleeve and equipped with a sealing ring to support, guide and seal the piston rod; at the same time, the cylinder port is fixed with a parallel cap to fix the guide sleeve, and is equipped with a dust ring to remove garbage on the piston rod. The stroke switch of the paper baler is to control the start and stop of the machine, so it must be checked, repaired and maintained frequently.