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The Idea Of Replacing The Plastic Straw With A Paper Straw

Dec 03, 2018

The seemingly insignificant straw has long been an important product in our daily lives. In recent years, with the rapid development of the food packaging industry, more and more plastic straws that are randomly discarded have begun to burden the environment while facilitating people's lives. Paper straws gradually show advantages due to their recyclability. .

In a recent interview, Peter Gilbert, director of the special paper market and customer service department of Donta, said that the company is no stranger to the paper pipette business. In the past, it supplied paper to the largest manufacturer of paper straws. But in order to change the paper straw from a niche market to a commodity, the papermaking industry needs to upgrade deep processing technology and improve paper performance.

At present, the cost of paper straws is five times more expensive than plastic straws. Because deep processing equipment is slow, 150-200 straws are produced per minute, and plastic extrusion equipment can produce more than 2000 plastic straws per minute. At the same time, the demanding requirements of deep processing have made the special paper used as the raw material of the paper straws strong. In order to achieve the compressive strength of the paper straw, the straw is made of three to four layers of paper, and the manufacturing process is very strict. More importantly, the paper that makes the straw must be waterproof to ensure that people do not deform or scatter when using it, and that the material must be biodegradable in response to environmental concerns, but to meet these requirements. It will take a while.

Although the challenges are heavy, it does not mean that paper straws will not be put into the market in large quantities soon. Gilbert said that many deep-processing manufacturers are learning how to make paper straws. They have started to buy paper straw making equipment in response to market demand, and Donta Special Paper is actively working with some deep-processing paper mills to find a new one. The improved qualified paper grade is used as a raw material for paper straws.