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If You Put Your Head Or Hands Into The Frame, It Will Cause Damage To The Body From The Plastic Bottle Packer

Oct 21, 2020

If you put your head or hands into the frame, it will cause damage to the body from the plastic bottle packer

       The plastic bottle packing machine is mainly composed of belt feeding, unwinding, joint connection and cutting device, transmission system, track frame and control device.


   Matters needing attention in the operation of the plastic bottle packing machine:


   1. When we remove the upper panel, we must first cut off the power switch, unplug the power supply, and then repair and adjust the machine.


  2. It is forbidden to put your hands or head into the frame during the operation of the machine. If you put your head or hands into the frame, it will cause damage to the body of the packer.

       3. Pay attention to some matters when using electrical components, such as turning off the power switch and unplugging the power plug when repairing or adjusting the metal baler. When the power is turned on, touching the electronic control box and transformer by hand will cause electric shock. . In addition, the external insulation is damaged, and contact with the body may cause an electric shock accident, which is very dangerous.


  4. Regarding the heater, if the heater is in a high temperature state (about 230 degrees), if you touch it directly with your hands, you will get burned. After cutting off the power, we have to cool down for a period of time before returning to normal temperature.

What aspects need to be paid attention to in the process of using the baler

   Balers are industrial metal strapping machinery and equipment. Of course, they also have the characteristics of metal-easy to rust, and the cause of rust is metal oxidation. So here is a reminder to everyone, the placement environment of the baler must be dry, not in a humid environment, to avoid accelerating the rust and aging of the baler equipment, and the baler is also a kind of electrical equipment, if the environment is too humid , It is also easy to cause failures such as electrical connection of the motor.


   The baler is a kind of industrial machinery and equipment. In the process of using many large desktop balers, I must pay attention to the specifications. After the baler is powered on and enters the working process of baling and bundling, the operator must be careful not to put his hands into the machine to avoid accidents. The baler is a metal mechanical equipment with a hard texture. The mechanical parts are running fast during the strapping process, and the current technology cannot distinguish the human body from the goods.


  In many cases, it is because the operator does not perform the operation correctly according to the operating specifications, which causes personal injury. In the same way, after a long period of use, the equipment will inevitably suffer from aging and damage. At this time, it is necessary for staff to perform regular repairs and maintenance. It should be noted here that when working, the staff should disconnect the power in advance, and then carry out standardized maintenance according to the maintenance rules.