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What Is The Impact Of The Fully Automatic Waste Paper Baler On The Environment

Jul 15, 2020

Fully automatic waste paper baler is very important for the environmental protection cause. At present, the wood pulp used for papermaking mainly comes from natural forests in China. The large consumption of paper not only causes a sharp reduction in forest area, but also causes serious pollution of rivers and lakes due to the discharge of wastewater from the production of pulp. The wear of the fully automatic waste paper baler within the permissible limits specified in the design becomes the normal wear of the waste paper baler. This kind of wear is generally in the initial stage, because the new friction surface has a certain roughness, the real contact surface is small, and the wear is relatively fast. This is the so-called running and stage. As the surface is gradually flattened and the real contact area increases, the waste paper baler gradually enters the normal stable wear phase, and the friction surface wears slightly and slowly and stably.

Many baler manufacturers seize this opportunity, use high-tech achievements, gradually improve the performance of fully automatic waste paper baler equipment, develop more and more comprehensive equipment, and show their very obvious advantages. Of users are increasingly recognized!

Although we have made great progress in production technology through joint efforts from manufacturers of fully automatic waste paper balers, we cannot be complacent about this. There is still a lot of room for improvement in automatic waste paper balers, so we still have to Continuously study the advanced production technology and advanced production concepts at home and abroad to create more professional fully automatic waste paper baling machine equipment. The oil leakage of the automatic waste paper baler is serious. If the pressure of the oil pump is adjusted too high, the wear parts of the moving parts cause the sealing gap to increase continuously, the sealing device is damaged, and the viscosity of the oil used in the waste paper baler is too low, which will increase the leakage. After determining the cause, take corresponding measures to eliminate it.