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In What Ways To Innovate Small Waste Paper Baler

Nov 16, 2020

Innovating small waste paper balers can be in terms of function, efficiency, applicability and so on. In which aspects should small waste paper balers start? Let's analyze how to innovate the small waste paper baler in the modern production process.

1. In terms of efficiency, the production efficiency of small waste paper balers varies according to the structure and model. For example, the manual type waste paper baler can process about 5-6 packs per hour, while the automatic type can process dozens of packs per hour. package. Therefore, in the future development process, the technical content of the manual baler should be further improved, and its production efficiency should be improved as much as possible.

2. In terms of applicability, due to the different actual production requirements of some customers, the equipment composition should be relatively adjusted, such as the production volume, package size, incoming and outgoing material requirements, etc., and the paper shell should be packaged in accordance with customer requirements and reasonable suggestions Machine to innovate.

Small waste paper baler innovation is not waiting for me, welcome to join the team of small waste paper baler innovation! "