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Inspection And Maintenance Of Waste Paper Baler

Apr 01, 2021

 1. Clean the dust inside the baler every day, use compressed air to clean the dust in the head part and the welding head part, and focus on the dust and strips around the sensor in the welding head slide plate. If there is more dust, remove the slide plate. Clean up thoroughly.

  2. Check whether all bolts of the strapping machine are loose, the lubrication condition of each lubrication point, and whether the tension of the V-belt is appropriate.

  3. Check whether there is any deviation in the belt slide, first turn the switch to manual, operate the up and down buttons to move the baler up and down, check whether the belt slide is blocked or deviated, and check the fixed slides and slides on the top and bottom of the baler. Whether the block is good or not, if any abnormality is found, adjust it in time, and the fixed slide of the baler should be refueled regularly.

  4. Check and refuel the gear box of the lifting motor and universal joint coupling, and check whether the tightness of the lifting chain is consistent.

  5. The belt chute in the baler and the belt chute on the frame are a closed circle, and there should be no deviation in each connection point. If the deviation is large, adjust it in time. Large deviations will affect the normal tape or cassette.