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Installation Of Hydraulic Oil Pipeline Of Waste Paper Baler

Aug 26, 2020

Installation of hydraulic oil pipeline of waste paper baler

1. When designing and piping, you should first consider the components, hydraulic components, pipe joints and flanges to be connected according to the hydraulic schematic diagram.

2. The laying arrangement and direction of the pipeline should be neat and consistent, and the levels should be clear. Try to use horizontal or vertical pipe layout. The non-parallelism of the horizontal pipeline should be ≤2/1000; the non-verticality of the vertical pipeline should be ≤2/400, and the level should be tested .

3. Between parallel or intersecting piping systems, there should be a gap of more than 10mm.

4. The pipeline configuration must make the pipeline, hydraulic valve and other components easy to load, unload, and maintain. Any section of pipeline or component in the system should be freely disassembled and installed without affecting other components.

5. When piping, the pipe must have certain rigidity and anti-vibration ability.

6. The weight of the pipeline should not be borne by valves, pumps and other hydraulic components and accessories; nor should the pipeline support the weight of heavier components.

7. For longer pipelines, effective measures must be considered to prevent the stress caused by the expansion and contraction of the pipe due to temperature changes.