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Precautions For Installation Of Semi-automatic Waste Paper Baler

Jul 13, 2020

Semi-automatic waste paper balers have gradually been widely used. Today, Nantong waste paper baler manufacturer will introduce the precautions for the installation of semi-automatic waste paper balers.

      Precautions for installation of semi-automatic waste paper baler´╝Ü

1. The foundation construction must be carried out in accordance with the foundation plan and leveled with a spirit level.

2. The machine must be cleaned of dirt before installation. If rust occurs on the surface of the parts, use kerosene to clean it.

3. Hoist the host after the foundation is solidified.

4. Install the hydraulic control system, the joint should pay attention to pad "O" type sealing ring to avoid oil leakage.

5. Install the main pump valve oil circuit, all pipelines must be cleaned, and the oil pump station should be leveled. Clean the inside of the oil tank to remove the dirt that enters during transportation. The oil pipes are clamped to prevent oil leakage caused by vibration.

6. According to the electrical schematic diagram, install all lines to ensure that the electrical equipment can operate safely.

The semi-automatic waste paper baler is controlled by PLC, cooperates with the man-machine interface (touch screen) and inspection type monitoring, the synchronous action indicator map cooperates with the error warning, and the length of the bale can be set. The semi-automatic waste paper baler is designed with floating shrinkage in the left, right and upper directions, which is beneficial to the automatic distribution of the four-sided pressure and can be widely used for packaging different materials. Automatic strapping to increase the packing speed. 

Waste paper balers now use hydraulic methods, mostly semi-automatic types. Therefore, it can be called a semi-automatic waste paper baler in normal times, and the equipment is driven by the power generated by the hydraulic oil. The latest semi-automatic waste paper baler incorporates the design structure of the automatic threading device, which can reduce the manual pulling operation. Greater efficiency is improved, and the equipment has no downtime, and the two processes of packaging and manual knotting do not conflict. Does not affect each other's work.

The above is the introduction to the precautions for the installation of semi-automatic waste paper baler today. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, please call us for details +86158 6278 0642!