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Introduce The Structure Of Traditional Hydraulic Baler

Nov 18, 2020

Analysis and troubleshooting methods of hydraulic baler metal baler, metal shearing machine, hydraulic metal baler, heavy waste shearing machine, heavy scrap shearing machine not actively cutting the belt

   First analyze the principle of hydraulic baler:

  The structure of the traditional hydraulic baler is composed of the main body seat, the unwinding system, the transmission system, and the control system

  Main body seat: cutter group, upper and lower slide plate, cam group, rear swing lever, front swing lever

  Outgoing reel system: Outgoing reel group, upper extension, lower extension, clutch, tightening conditioning group

   Transmission system: motor, belt, belt tensioner, electromagnetic clutch, reducer, clutch, gear.

  Control system: switch, fuse, transformer, single chip microcomputer, clue, micro switch

  The machine does not cut the tape automatically. The package is on the machine during work and cannot be taken off. Press the reset button and the machine works normally.

  Fault analysis: According to the fault phenomenon, the problem appears in: the unwinding system, the reeling wheel group, the balance bar adjustment, the tightening adjustment group, the micro switch, the cutting controller, the single chip microcomputer, and the uneven thickness of the strap.