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Le Yucheng: One Belt, One Road Brings Benefits Uzbekistan's 900 Days Of Achievement 900 Seconds

Dec 24, 2018

Recently, Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV reporters and introduced a series of achievements in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, especially in the past five years.

Regarding the promotion of the “Belt and Road” construction, Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said in an exclusive interview that although the “One Belt, One Road” initiative has only been proposed for five years, the results are very outstanding, and the benefits brought to the countries along the route are far beyond ours. expected. For example, in Uzbekistan, we spent 900 days helping to build a tunnel connecting the remote Andijan area with the capital. Now the Andijan people take the train to the capital, and it takes only 900 seconds to cross the tunnel. 900 days achieved 900 seconds, which became a good story in the local area.

Source: CCTV Author: Huang Huixin