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Load Analysis And Operation Automation Analysis Of Waste Paper Baler

Aug 05, 2020

The waste paper baler is a machine that wraps the product or package with a tie, then tightens it and melts the two ends through the thermal effect or connects the material such as collapse buckle. The function of the baler is to make the plastic belt close to the sheet of the bag to be held, to ensure that the bag is not scattered due to the improper holding of the bag during transportation and storage, and it should be neat and beautiful. The design adopts five Two circuits, paper pushing circuit, paper pressing circuit, wire feeding circuit, wire clamping circuit. Wire cutting circuit. The hydraulic system of waste paper baler is composed of hydraulic cylinder, double one-way throttle valve, hydraulic control one-way valve, electromagnetic reversing valve , Pressure reducing valve, throttle valve, cooler, shock-resistant pressure gauge, pressure measuring hose, unloading valve, electromagnetic relief valve, one-way valve, vane pump, coupling, motor, oil return filter, air filter It is composed of cleaner, level gauge and fuel tank. The action requirement of the hydraulic waste paper baler is that the paper pushing mechanism first pushes the paper to the specified position, then the paper pressing mechanism compacts the paper, and then the wire feeding mechanism feeds the wire. At the same time, the silk mechanism clamps the wire to wrap the paper tightly and cut the wire. The mechanism cuts the wire. Enter the next cycle.

  The hydraulic cylinders used in the paper pushing circuit, paper pressing circuit, wire feeding circuit, wire clamping circuit, and wire cutting circuit of the waste paper baler are all in linear reciprocating motion, so the single rod hydraulic cylinder can perform the work first.