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Main Features Of Small Vertical Waste Paper Baler

Nov 30, 2020

   The Nantong hydraulic vertical waste paper baler has fine workmanship and good packaging effect. The vertical waste paper baler features convenient refilling, simple structure, small footprint, beautiful appearance, hydraulic door opening, high box body, and the whole package is pressed at one time. Single-sided rope, high pressure, beautiful and beautiful, easy to install.

   Uses are mainly used in garment factories, garment and textile packing stations to compress and pack loose and soft packages with packaging, and also suitable for compression and packing of other soft and soft objects.

   1. Mainly applicable to garment factories and waste recycling stations.

   2. The hydraulic is equipped with a low-noise hydraulic circuit system, which combines imported and domestic high-quality components to ensure quality and reduce costs, and the performance of the whole machine is stable.

   3. Simple structure, low failure rate, simple and quick maintenance.

   4. Easy installation, no need for foundation reinforcement.

   5. The feeding method adopts manual feeding.

 Nantong Hydraulics will carry out technical research and development on horizontal waste paper baler

   With the improvement of technology, a variety of packaging equipment with different performance has appeared in the horizontal waste paper baler, which also saw more business opportunities for the research and development of the horizontal waste paper baler.

   There are many different product categories for packaging machinery because of the different application environments or completed operations, but each type of horizontal waste paper baler packaging machinery and equipment has great development potential. If you only need to explore the application in depth And vigorously develop technology, then there will be more room for development.

   Nantong Cotton Machinery Co., Ltd. is also one of the earliest horizontal waste paper baler packaging machinery manufacturers in China. The company has always attached great importance to the development of horizontal waste paper balers, and has continued to develop horizontal waste paper balers. The promotion has invested a lot of manpower and material resources, and now it has slowly begun to show its effect.

   During this period we have also accumulated a lot of promotion experience, and we also attach great importance to changes in market demand. We believe that enterprises can only grow continuously with the development of market demand. While the economic level continues to improve, we are also exploring the research and development of horizontal waste paper balers. After the continuous efforts of all Lejia Mechanical and Hydraulic People , Our horizontal waste paper baler has also achieved very good sales results in the market and has been widely praised by new and old customers. "