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Main Measures To Prevent Cavitation Of Waste Paper Baler

Nov 02, 2020

(1) The selected oil should ensure oil quality and proper viscosity. Refuel in strict accordance with the oil dipstick standard to keep the system clean. When adding oil, you must pay attention to cleaning, do not bring in moisture and impurities; when adding cooling water, the water must not contain corrosive substances. The various oil dipsticks of the waste paper baler are marked with upper and lower scales, and the normal standard of controlling the amount of oil is conducive to reducing cavitation. The magnetic coarse filter should be cleaned regularly, and various filter elements should be replaced to keep the oil clean. Pay attention to check the oil level. Oil quality and oil color. If you find water droplets in the hydraulic system of the construction machinery, the oil turns milky white or the oil is foamy, you should carefully find the source of water and air, and check the oil cooler and the seals at the pipe joints Sex.

(2) Prevent the oil temperature from being too high, and reasonably design the heat dissipation system to ensure the normal oil temperature. If there is a failure, it should be analyzed and eliminated in time. If the oil circuit is not unblocked, the cooling water is too small or the internal or external leakage occurs, it should be eliminated immediately.

(3) Reduce hydraulic shock. It is not advisable to operate the hydraulic control valves and distribution rooms too fast or too hard, nor to increase the throttle too frequently to reduce hydraulic shock.

(4) Maintain the normal gap between the joint surfaces. When manufacturing or repairing, assembling according to the lower limit of assembly tolerance can reduce the influence of cavitation. If cavitation has occurred, only use metallographic paper to polish to remove carbon deposits, and do not use ordinary fine sandpaper to polish.

(5) Maintain the cooling system correctly. Ensure that the radiator pressure cover is intact and can work normally, which can reduce the generation of cavitation; keep the temperature of the cooling system in an appropriate range to reduce the energy of bubble burst; use an appropriate amount of coolant additives to inhibit rust.

(6) The operation process should be stable to avoid pressure shock.