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Daily Maintenance Of Automatic Waste Paper Baler

Aug 14, 2020

Daily maintenance of automatic waste paper baler

The automatic waste paper baler has the characteristics of good rigidity, toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment basic engineering. It is widely used in various waste paper factories, old waste recycling companies and other units and enterprises. It is suitable for packaging and recycling old waste paper, plastic straw, etc. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs. The use of automatic waste paper baler is very extensive, but if the maintenance is not in place, there will be some small faults that affect the packing process. If it is frequent, it is very noisy. So what are the common maintenance methods for the automatic waste paper baler? The following is an introduction to the use and maintenance of the baler.


       1. Before starting the machine, check whether the parts of the packer are in good condition; whether the screws and nuts of each part are loose, and if so, they should be tightened in time. If there are missing nails and caps, the repairer must be notified to deal with it in time.

       2. Check whether there is any blockage in the belt conveyor. If there is any debris, use compressed air to blow the dust out of the rail.

       3. Check whether the knife set and the sliding plate are short of oil. If it is lacking, use the dip method to add oil. Use a small stick to dip the oil and slowly drip on it. It cannot flow into the belt conveyor in an inverted way, otherwise pack it. The belt will slip.

       4. If an abnormal phenomenon is found during the boot process. Such as: loud sound, loud vibration, peculiar smell, etc. If you can't find it by yourself, you should stop the machine and notify the repairer to deal with it to avoid damage to the parts.

       The top four points are the maintenance methods of the automatic waste paper baler. When using the waste paper baler, pay attention to the maintenance of the waste paper baler.