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Manufacturers Of Automatic Waste Paper Baler Often Encounter Problems

Dec 08, 2020

Manufacturers of automatic waste paper balers often carry out proper maintenance and maintenance, which can not only increase the service life of the automatic waste paper balers, but also reduce common failures of the balers, thereby increasing productivity. The manufacturer of the automatic waste paper baler below explains the usual maintenance methods for everyone: the automatic waste paper baler (basic type of Lingtai) can complete automatic waste paper packaging, but because the cabinet table has no driving force, it requires manpower Push the packaged objects to pack the machine according to the waste paper.

The automatic waste paper baler uses lashing tape to coil the goods or packages, and then tighten it and melt the two sides according to the thermoelectric effect or use raw materials such as buckles to connect. Nantong Cotton Machine produces a variety of models and specifications of automatic waste paper balers, which are cost-effective, and shows the maintenance and spare parts supply of waste paper balers. New electric heating equipment for waste paper baler, fast heating, long-life single-chip motor control, complete functions, and easy actual operation. 4 packaging methods ensure that your various packaging regulations are applicable to food, hardware and other fields Packed in cardboard boxes.

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The whole process of solving common faults of automatic waste paper baler manufacturers

The entire process of solving common faults of automatic waste paper baler manufacturers is relatively complicated: the operation of the hydraulic machinery of the baler. According to the weak inspection (feel inspection, instrument testing, etc.), the relevant information content is obtained. And the operation characteristics reflected by the information content are compared with the function characteristics of the hydraulic machine. Then the operation status or common faults are identified or distinguished , To take relative management decisions.

If the operation of the Tibetan press machine is normal, it means that there is no problem with the Tibetan hydraulic machinery-it can operate again; if the operation is abnormal, the common fault of the actual automatic waste paper baler is concealed, and the shutdown and maintenance will be eliminated in many ways. The operation of the press machine is in the common fault symptom period of the hydraulic press between normal and abnormal. The monitoring should be improved to prevent or clear the common faults of the hydraulic press.

In that way, the credibility of the production and operation of the fully automatic waste paper baler can be further improved. The utilization rate of the reeling machine and equipment can be further improved.