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Microwave Food Packaging Need To Pay Attention To Several Issues

Feb 07, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the selection of the ideal microwave food packaging materials in addition to pay attention to the ability of materials through the microwave, but also pay attention to the following characteristics of the material:

(1) Heat resistance. Industrial microwave containers with the most basic requirements must have good heat resistance, heat must be greater than the degree of heat after the food, and can withstand rapid changes in temperature. Taking into account the various microwave food heating process in the heating process is different, water-based food due to the boiling point of water is 100 ℃, heating to 100 ℃ after a period of constant temperature until the water is completely volatile, so water-based foods with industrial microwave oven resistance Thermal requirements lower, but it should not be less than 100 ℃. Oil-based food because of the boiling point of oil above 200 ℃, the heating process to the boiling point of oil before, there will be no lower temperature range of constant temperature, so oily food on the industrial microwave oven heat resistance requirements. To meet the needs of microwave food cooking, industrial ovens with industrial microwave containers at least be able to about 130 ℃, with 10 minutes or more heat treatment. In addition, the material also requires the use of microwave penetration is good, that is, to use a small dielectric coefficient of the material.

(2) Cheap. As the industrial microwave oven container is a universal daily necessities, microwave food packaging materials are generally one-time packaging materials, so with the same or similar performance under the conditions of use should be as cheap as possible the choice of materials to enhance market competition ability.