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Motor Configuration Of Waste Paper Baler

Sep 17, 2020

Motor configuration of waste paper baler

         The motor of the waste paper baler is an indispensable power device for the operation of the whole machine. The total power of the waste paper baler is determined by the configuration of the whole machine motor. If the total power of the waste paper baler exceeds the existing wire and line Rated power, you need to install a transformer. The motor of the Xieli Waste Paper Baler uses a copper core three-phase motor with the following configuration:

1. The main cylinder of the hydraulic packer drives the hydraulic pump to run.

2. The feeding conveyor motor drives the feeding conveyor chain to move.

3. The operation of the automatic soft rope hook of the hydraulic baler needs a motor to drive.

4. The outlet of WBS series waste paper baler is equipped with hydraulic door, which also needs motor control.