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A Paper Company Owes A Five-year Social Security Arrears For Four Months

Dec 13, 2018

On October 15th, 2018, the red square of the slogan of “Zipu Paper Factory employees defending their rights and asking the government to preside over justice” appeared in the avenue of the text next to the Zhangpu County Government. It was particularly dazzling.

There is also a large group of employees of Zhapu Paper gathered at the gate of the county government to denounce the boss's five-year social security and the arrears of employees' four-month salary, and asked the government to preside over justice. The employee said angrily that the boss has transferred the assets in the factory and has already run away!

There are also employees posting on Baidu Zhapu, and calling on colleagues to pay for it. "There are friends who are not paid by the owner of Zhangpu Forestry Paper Factory. Our family is still relying on this meal. The boss said that he fled and fled, plus a contact number to be accounted for." The employee’s words made this paper The cold winter has added a bit of chill.

However, due to the fact that Guangxi is located in the southwest and the industry is not developed, the paper industry has been unable to play its resource advantage and has grown into a pillar industry. In the cold winter of the paper industry in 2010-2016, many companies could not support it. Especially in 2015, when the country eliminated backward production capacity, the paper industry in Guangxi was almost cleared. Fortunately, the companies that survived in the paper industry in 2017 were unable to achieve a major reversal due to their size and geographical location.

In 2018, China's economy has not really realized the transformation and upgrading from China's manufacturing to China. On the contrary, like the headless flies, we have turned the wealth that we have worked hard in the past into bricks and even ghost towns that cannot flow. Compared with 2008, when domestic demand has not yet started, the current situation is even more difficult, and domestic demand is vacant and externally blocked. Under the superposition of various unfavorable factors, it is difficult for enterprises like Zhangpu Paper to have a living space.

Can the Zhapu Paper industry in the economic winter still be resurrected? In the midst of a serious overcapacity and the Chinese economy's long-term bottoming out, I am afraid that hope is not great. I hope the government can come forward and help the employees to tide over the difficulties.