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Pay Attention To These Waste Paper Balers To Better Play

Feb 18, 2021

The waste paper baler is an indispensable machine in the modern packaging industry. Only by using the waste paper baler can we better serve the enterprise. What should be paid attention to in the super performance of the waste paper baler in order to make better performance?

  1. The waste paper baler should be well fixed during installation: because the machine is running fast, uneven ground may shake the machine in vibration and cause safety hazards to operators. Therefore, the ground must be kept flat, and the machine must be installed in accordance with the instructions to keep the machine stable. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to touch the moving parts of the machine with your hands.

  2. Electrical safety of the machine: ground the machine power to avoid electric shock caused by improper operation. There must be an automatic shutdown device for the power supply, so that the machine can automatically stop when there is an electricity problem to avoid electric shock and other conditions.

  3. Cleaning of the machine: The waste paper baler often uses packaging cartons, etc., so it will be blocked by debris after a long time. Sometimes it will cause the machine to run poorly, cause damage to the machine, and reduce the service life of the machine. The machine should be cleaned regularly, and lubricating oil should be regularly applied to the parts that need lubricating oil.

  4. The operator of the machine should do a good job of protection, such as wearing gloves, and prohibiting the head and hands from reaching the inside of the machine. Non-machine operators should try to keep a distance from the machine to prevent damage caused by material splashing.

  5. Check the machine before use, and run it for a while: after use, turn off the switches according to the steps.

  6. Do not disassemble the protective cover of the machine at will: It is prohibited to disassemble the protective cover during the operation of the machine, and non-operators or technicians are not allowed to disassemble the protective cover of the waste paper baler at will.